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python-pyvmomi-5.5..2014.1.1-3.el6.noarch.rpm. Description. python-pyvmomi - VMware vSphere Python SDK. Property. Value.Garden tractor with loader for sale on craigslist
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from pyVmomi import vim from vmware . vapi . lib . connect import get_requests_connector from vmware . vapi . security . session import create_session_security_context

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Además, pyVmomi se corresponde directamente con el navegador de objetos gestionados vsphere. Así que vaya al MOB en el vcenter, descubra qué propiedades necesita, los métodos y la convención de nombres 1 a 1 de pyvmomi lo ayuda a lograr lo que desea.

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Install PyVmomi on MAC. Ask Question. Asked 1 year ago. I am trying to use the Ansible Vmware_guest module which requires "PyVmomi" I have installed pyvmomi and pyvim via pip and...

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1. 简介 pyvmomi是一款 VMware vSphere API的python sdk,可以通过它管理ESX, ESXi和Vcenter。它提供了非常完全的信息和操作,如虚拟机信息、存储信息、物理设备信息、虚拟机克隆、虚拟机关机等等。 2.

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I'm implementing a Python application for monitoring VM resource usage with pyVmomi. The application needs to read values like memory / disk usage. Because the password must be stored somehow, I'd like to use a read-only account for accessing the API.

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Run a simple pyvmomi sample that lists the VMs in a datacenter. Learn about developing scripts with pyvmomi using Eclipse, pyDev, and Workbench IS (VMware Eclipse-based developer tools). Learn how to use the debugger to step through code and inspect return values.

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Pyvmomi Get Vm Info

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I have a python script which uses pyvmomi to get the vm_name the guest_os and date time. This script saves it into a database. I have noticed that Vcenter is returning erroneous values for the guest_os over time.

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