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Nexus | Flow of Innovation. From the heat source to heat emission to heat distribution, Nexus covers a broad spectrum of innovative building technology systems. This internationally active group of companies has specialised in technical products and systems in the fields of installations, heating, cooling and solar solutions. Xts leveling sensor
Electric meters are generally accurate and can be tested by your electricity supplier. However, if you find your electricity consumption has increased above what you expected, then it's fairly straightforward to test the accuracy of the meter yourself before calling your electricity supplier.

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Disconnect the system hoses at the wheel moto r, or system hoses from the BDP and connect the BDP Flow TestKit. (Special care should be taken to prevent contamination debris from entering pump or wheel motor system ports). Note: Using the Bi-Directional Flow Test Kit, determination of directional flow is not necessary. The flow meter

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Portaflow 330 Portable Clamp-on Flow Meter Our portable flow meter solutions are ultrasonic, clamp on and non-invasive, for closed pipe applications. This means no interruption to process and no downtime whilst the portable flow meter units are installed.

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Test Kits, Colorimeters & Strips. Chemical Test Kits; Colorimeters; Test Strips; Lab Chemicals & Reagents. Calibration & Buffer Solutions; Lab Chemicals; Reagents; Lab Accessories. Electrodes & Probes; Testing & Measuring Instruments. Flow Meters. Water Flow Meters; Air Flow Meters; Variable Area Flow Meters; Monitors & Controllers. Analytical ...

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Orifice plate flow meters are differential pressure sensors for flow rate. Can be used with gases, liquids, corrosive, and high temperature fluids. Applications include steam flow, boiler feedwater, and fluid flow rates in building water lines. Designed for use wherever there is an application for a conventional flow orifice plate.

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Elcometer offers the option to order viscosity flow cups complete with calibration certificates which offer traceability and assurance that the viscosity cups have been individually tested and comply to Standards. The flow cups can be supplied separately or with an adjustable stand which includes a precision level and an overflow glass draw plate.

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Dec 10, 2019 · A typical pH meter has two basic components: the meter itself, which can be a moving-coil meter (one with a pointer that moves against a scale) or a digital meter (one with a numeric display), and either one or two probes that you insert into the solution you're testing. To make electricity flow through something, you have to create a complete ...

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The master meter is placed in series with the flowmeter under test, and the results are compared at different flowrates. A master meter must be compatible with the fluid being tested. So, a magnetic flowmeter would not work as a calibration standard for hydrocarbon liquids, but it can potentially work well with water and industrial liquids.

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Air Quality Meters; Air Velocity Meters & Anemometers; Barometers; Colorimeters & Photometers; Combustible Gas Leak Detectors; Combustion Analyzers; Conductivity & Dissolved Oxygen; Hydrometers; Light Meters; Microwave Leak Detectors; Moisture Meters; Particle Counters; pH Meters; ORP Meters; Radiation Detection Meters; Refractometers ...

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One gate-type variable area flow-meter resembles a butterfly valve. Flow through the meter forces a spring-loaded vane to rotate, and a mechanical connection provides local flow rate indication. The inaccuracy of such meters is 2-5% FS. The meter can be used on oil, water and air, and is available in sizes up to 4 inches.

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FLOW-METER™. a recognized and respected "center of excellence". flow-meter™ is active in the design and production of devices for measurement, control and supply of fluids, particularly for applications in the medical field.

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